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“I went on to pass an exam, that I had previously failed, at a pass rate of 81%.”

Sarah Skelton

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Genius Material in association with Brand Financial Training

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Genius Material Webinars

Genius Material complete learning system to improve study skills to get better grades

How much does it cost?

We are delighted to work with Brand Financial Training to bring you the best revision support on the market!

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What you get


  • Genius Questionnaire to gauge your preferred learning style
  • eBook and Supplementary Material show you step-by-step how to revise efficiently.
  • Training Videos virtually doing the work for you! Get comfortable and give us your attention.
  • Continual Contact via eMail and telephone. Let us help you with your specific challenges.
  • Weekly Webinars – the perfect medium for you to ask questions and for us to provide the answers.
  • Bonus Material to help you sleep at night or alleviate exam stress.
  • “Bucket System” to remember what you’ve learned and pass your exams with confidence.


More information about what you get with the Genius Material learning programme.

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