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Lysette Offley Genius MaterialWelcome to Genius Material.

• Are you struggling to remember what you’ve revised?

• Do you find revision and exams stressful?

• Are you running out of time and need an efficient and effective system?

Then Genius Material is for you.

Genius Material was originally designed to rescue Financial Advisers in the UK, under a lot of pressure to pass several professional exams within a limited time frame, while simultaneously juggling clients and family.

Up until now, 54% of these professional people were failing exams and facing the prospect of losing their jobs and livelihood.

Genius Material changes all that. And it will for you too.

Through this complete programme, I teach you how to learn quickly. It’s about the structure and process of learning and so can be applied to any subject, now and in the future. It’s geared towards adult learners rather than younger people. (For teenagers, please go to http://www.TheGeniusInMe.co.uk)

Human beings are hard wired to forget things! It’s no wonder that within 2 weeks we’ve forgotten 80% of what we’ve revised.

However, with the Genius Material system you’ll remember 80% instead – and forever.

Imagine how much easier it’ll be to pass your exams and get the grades you need. And think about what that will mean for you…

Find out more about how Genius Material can help you.

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