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100% pass rate for all those using Genius Material on the 4 month pilot.

92% of participants got a score of 70% or more in their exams.

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How to ace your exams by spending less time revising


  • The 3 keys to learning – how your brain works best
  • The difference between your notes and brain-friendly notes
  • Mapping technique as a memory aid
  • Learning cycle – remember your revision forever
  • How to spend less time, but better quality time revising
  • How to automate the tedious stuff
  • How to stop forgetting 80% of what you’ve learned

Did you know you can remember an infinite number of pages of revision notes, providing there are 7 or fewer bits of information on each? If you’re studying to pass an exam, bear in mind that a common mistake is to crowd a page of revision with too much information. This makes it extremely difficult to remember when it comes to exam-time. This is one of many tips you’ll learn to improve study skills to get better grades. And of course, I’ll tell you exactly what to do instead.

“The best results are achieved by using the right amount of effort in the right place at the right time.” Tony Buzan, education and memory expert.

“I’ve just heard that I passed my first exam with a distinction!” Martin Capel-Smith, St James’ Place

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100% pass rate for all those using Genius Material on the 4 month pilot.

92% of participants got a score of 70% or more in their exams.

Genius Material is delivered in short chunks, at your convenience, and is designed specifically for busy professionals to:

  • Improve study skills
  • Maximise information retention
  • Gain examination success and get better grades
  • Optimise use of time
  • Solve your exam headaches

If you struggle to study and to pass exams, you need Genius Material. It includes:

  • A short online questionnaire to ascertain the your preferred learning style.
  • The generation of a concise eBook training you to revise effectively, in a manner which suits your own specific learning style
  • A series of online training videos building on the content from the eBook
  • Weekly online presentations to focus on learning techniques and key information and to keep you on track
  • Additional email and telephone support
  • Supplementary materials such as self-hypnosis audios to help with additional challenges such as stress, exam nerves and insomnia
  • “Bucket System” to automate the revision process and ensure you retain 80% of what you’re learning. Most people forget 80% of what they’ve revised within 2 weeks. By contrast, this calendar helps participants to remember 80% of information learned and makes the whole process much simpler!

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