Genius Material solves your exam problems!


Genius Material Webinars

Genius Material complete system to pass exams easily.

What do you get and how much does it cost?

Think about how much time and effort and money you’ve already spent on passing exams, and make up your mind now to get the job done once and for all. This a complete no-brainer!

Book a Discovery Call with me and choose the best programme for you.



Jump Start

The smart way to learn – to pass exams

Core Training Video Recordings

What you get

  • How to know what to learn (10%) and what to ignore (90%)
  • How to get the information into your head
  • How to keep it there



Fast Track  

Complete, DIY, Step-by-Step programme, suited to the way your brain prefers to learn…

What you get

  • Genius Questionnaire to gauge your preferred learning style
  • eBook and Supplementary Material show you step-by-step how to revise efficiently.
  • Training Videos virtually doing the work for you! Get comfortable and give us your attention.
  • Webinar Recordings – to focus on learning techniques and key information to keep you on track.
  • Bonus Material to help you sleep at night or alleviate exam stress.
  • “Bucket System” to remember what you’ve learned and pass your exams with confidence. 

More information about what you get with the Genius Material system to pass exams easily.


Serious about learning and just want to get the job done?

You get everything in Jump Start, Fast Track and spend a day with me to develop and practise your bespoke revision strategy – and only leave when you know, beyond a shadow of doubt, that you’ve got everything you need to spend less time revising and still get better grades.

Bespoke One-to-One training  PLUS I will stay with you until you pass your exam.




Going places and need to get there fast?

You get everything in Jump Start, Fast Track and Accelerator and my undivided attention besides!

Memory and Mindset. One year, full support.


Book a Discovery Call with me and choose the best programme for you.

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