Here are your Genius Material Training Videos. Grab a cup of tea, some blank paper and a handful of coloured pens and start with Video 1. Work your way through the videos as and when you have time.

Video 1. Organise Yourself

Introduction and overview of the Genius Material programme – the nuts and bolts of successful revision.

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Video 2. TheĀ “Bucket System”

How to use theĀ Bucket System and take the headache out of organising yourself.

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Video 3. The Nitty Gritty

How to efficiently create the most effective and easily remembered revision notes.

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Video 4. MindMaps

How to use MindMaps for successful revision and why they’re such a useful revision tool.

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Video 5. Special Effects

Extra techniques for your learning type – for that pesky information that refuses to stay in your brain.

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