The weekly recorded webinars cover a plethora of skills to help you revise efficiently and enjoy exam success. Each video will be available for a month so there’s plenty of time for you to watch it at your leisure. Why not schedule a regular time each week, and create a useful ‘checking in’ habit to keep you motivated?

(Excerpts from Calibrand training materials © Copyright Calibrand Limited 2012. All rights reserved. Moral rights as defined by the Copyright Designs and Patent Act 1988 are asserted. September 2012)

Over the next few weeks, the website is being redesigned, and to make sure there’s no or minimal disruption, I’m making all the weekly videos for this time available now and throughout this period.

MindMaps – Use More of Your Brain 22.02.13

Use more of your brain with MindMaps

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Improve your memory 15.02.13

Increase your memory power with an holistic approach

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Mapping 08.02.13

Mapping – Linking your revision to an activity you can do in your sleep!

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Remember Your Notes – Easily 01.02.13

How to make your notes even easier to remember

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Got the keywords? Now what? 25.01.13

What to do with the keywords once you’ve identified them.

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3 Keys  18.01.13

The 3 keys to learning & The Online Revision Calendar

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The Journey Method  11.01.13

A great memory technique to remember your notes. 

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Improving notes 04.01.13

How to identify keywords and arrange them into a form you can easily recall.

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Brain food

Food that makes you brainy and food that makes you stupid!

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Back to basics – the visual system

Why it pays to use your eyes

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Different Notes for Different Folks

6 ways to create brain-friendly notes

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